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Chapter 38: Unruly

You are given a grid of squares, which you must colour either black or white. Some squares are provided as clues; the rest are left for you to fill in. Each row and column must contain the same number of black and white squares, and no row or column may contain three consecutive squares of the same colour.

This puzzle type was invented by Adolfo Zanellati, under the name ‘Tohu wa Vohu’. See [21] for more details.

Unruly was contributed to this collection by Lennard Sprong.


38.1 Unruly controls

To play Unruly, click the mouse in a square to change its colour. Left-clicking an empty square will turn it black, and right-clicking will turn it white. Keep clicking the same button to cycle through the three possible states for the square. If you middle-click in a square it will be reset to empty.

You can also use the cursor keys to move around the grid. Pressing the return or space keys will turn an empty square black or white respectively (and then cycle the colours in the same way as the mouse buttons), and pressing Backspace will reset a square to empty.

(All the actions described in section 2.1 are also available.)

38.2 Unruly parameters

These parameters are available from the ‘Custom...’ option on the ‘Type’ menu.

Width, Height
Size of grid in squares. (Note that the rules of the game require both the width and height to be even numbers.)
Controls the difficulty of the generated puzzle.
Unique rows and columns
If enabled, no two rows are permitted to have exactly the same pattern, and likewise columns. (A row and a column can match, though.)

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