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Chapter 41: Palisade

You're given a grid of squares, some of which contain numbers. Your goal is to subdivide the grid into contiguous regions, all of the same (given) size, such that each square containing a number is adjacent to exactly that many edges (including those between the inside and the outside of the grid).

Credit for this puzzle goes to Nikoli, who call it ‘Five Cells’. [22].

Palisade was contributed to this collection by Jonas Kölker.


41.1 Palisade controls

Left-click to place an edge. Right-click to indicate ‘no edge’. Alternatively, the arrow keys will move a keyboard cursor. Holding Control while pressing an arrow key will place an edge. Press Shift-arrowkey to switch off an edge. Repeat an action to perform its inverse.

(All the actions described in section 2.1 are also available.)

41.2 Palisade parameters

These parameters are available from the ‘Custom...’ option on the ‘Type’ menu.

Width, Height
Size of grid in squares.
Region size
The size of the regions into which the grid must be subdivided.

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