PuTTY Known Bugs and Wish List

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This is the list of bugs that need fixing, and features that want adding, to PuTTY. The ‘pending’ list represents things that have not been done to the current development code; items marked as ‘fixed’ may not yet be in the latest release.

If you do not see a feature here, it's also worth checking the Changes page before mailing us to ask for the feature; it might already have been added.

There are other sites tracking bugs and feature requests in downstream packages of the Unix port, some of which undoubtedly apply to our code: Debian, Launchpad (us, Ubuntu), NetBSD.

Search the wishlist:

WWW www.chiark.greenend.org.uk

Here's an index of CVE numbers mentioned in our wishlist entries.

Recently fixed

These are items we believe we have already addressed. See also the Changes page.

Fixed in release 0.81

Fixed in release 0.80

Fixed in release 0.79

Fixed in release 0.78

Fixed in release 0.77

Fixed in release 0.76

Fixed in release 0.75

Fixed in release 0.74

Fixed in release 0.73

Fixed in release 0.72

Fixed in release 0.71

Broken and fixed between release 0.70 and release 0.71

Fixed in release 0.70

Fixed in release 0.69

Fixed in release 0.68

Broken and fixed between release 0.67 and release 0.68

Fixed in release 0.67

Fixed in release 0.66

Fixed in release 0.65

Fixed in release 0.64

Fixed in release 0.63

Fixed in release 0.62

Fixed in release 0.61

Broken and fixed between release 0.60 and release 0.61

Fixed in release 0.60

Fixed in release 0.59

Fixed in release 0.58

Fixed in release 0.57

Fixed in release 0.56

Fixed in release 0.55

Fixed in release 0.54

Fixed in release 0.53b

Fixed in release 0.53

Broken and fixed between release 0.52 and release 0.53

Fixed in release 0.52


These are bugs still to be fixed and features remaining to be implemented.


These items are clearly actual problems and I want them fixed.


These are things which might be bugs or might not, depending on your precise definition of what a bug is.


These are things that have been requested by users or which seem to me like a good idea. Not all of these are likely to be implemented without outside help, and some of them will positively never be implemented.

Plausible features we hope to get round to adding at some point:

Features we're not sure about, or which probably won't get added unless someone else does the hard work:

Non-wish list

These are features we are actively opposed to seeing in PuTTY. Don't bother writing them and sending them to us! If you think you have a good argument why they would be good, feel free to plead for them, but generally I'll already have a good reason not to do them.


Usually items we don't know enough about, or haven't yet thought about enough, to fully classify.

If you want to comment on this web site, see the Feedback page.
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