Ian Jackson

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Other things

I run chiark, the server that hosts these pages and others. It is a private shell account server with about 200 users.


chiark runs a usenet news server which offers complimentary access to users at Cambridge University. Our peering information is available. Matthew Vernon is my co-administrator.

I'm one of the moderators of uk.rec.cycling.moderated, a USENET group (the creation of which I shepherded through the uk.* process).

Between us Matthew Vernon, David Damerell and I run the moderation robots for uk.legal.moderated, uk.radio.amateur.moderated and uk.rec.cycling.moderated, on chiark.


I run the Cambridge G-RIN (Geeks' Registry of Internet Addresses), which is a database of known BCP5 (RFC1918) private network addresses people are using, together with the ability to pick new numbers at random.

My PhD thesis from 1997 is available for downloading.

Very Cambridgey stuff

Information about the Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

The old Cambridge quotes file and GROGGS (the General-Purpose Reverse Ordered Gossip Gathering System) which I once had quite a bit of involvement in.

Ian Jackson / ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk