Peering information for chiark

Running: INN2, cleanfeed, innduct, top1000.  IPv6 and IPv4 supported.

Feed to:         
Allow connnections from:

Contact:       newsmaster AT chiark STOP greenend STOP org STOP uk
Abuse:         abuse AT chiark STOP greenend STOP org STOP uk

Hierarchies we carry:
   Big-8 plus alt
   UK hierarchies: uk, cam, ed
   Special: gnu, demon, eternal-september, argonet, 24hoursupport
   Countries: at, aus, be, ch, cz, de, dk, ee, es, esp, fr, ie, hun,
         is, it, italia, malta, nl, nz, pl, pt, se, sfnet, sk, us
   BUT no binaries

Example newsfeeds(5) entry:\

We run outgoing feeds with innduct, which provides a real-time feed,
but which is not innfeed.  Relevantly, this means you can safely set
"noresendid" to false (see incoming.conf(5)) as innduct will wait a
while before re-offering 431'd articles.

We won't send binaries at all since we ask our peers not to send
them to us and anyway our cleanfeed will drop them.

We are a private site with around 200 shell account users; we also
provide ex gratia access to all users at Cambridge University, and
host moderators for sci.astro.research, sci.physics.research,
uk.rec.cycling.moderated and

Statistics can be found here:

(We are sound for bofhnet and Usenet-2, and also carry some private
 hierarchies (eg oxbridge, ucam); ask specially.)
chiark news administrator, newsmaster@chiark