How to contact Ian Jackson - public information.

Confidential information

Puppets of the Sinister Greenend Organisation can find more contact information for me on my Cabal contact page.

Public information


If I have emailed you on a particular subject already, it is best to reply to whatever address I used.

My Free Software projects all have associated role addresses for me, for bugreports, and a mailinglist each for discussion. Consult the program documentation. If you wish to talk to me about Free Software activities, including GNU and Debian, and I have not advertised a more specific address, please mail ian@chiark.

My preferred email address for general social conversations is ijackson@chiark. You should usually use this if you know me personally and there is no more specific address.

For matters related to chiark administration, chiark users should consult /info/chiark.text for the appropriate role address.

External enquiries regarding chiark should be addressed to an appropriate conventional role address, such as postmaster@chiark, abuse@chiark, webmaster@chiark, newsmaster@chiark, bofh@chiark, etc.

If you are a non-chiark user having difficulty getting mail through to me (ie, your mail bounces) then this is probably my anti-spam mail system, SAUCE, and you should mail postmaster@chiark. This will bypass the blocks and I'll be able to help you.

System administrators who need to contact me about system problems with chiark may find the whois for illuminating. Do not email anything at

Junk mail: I have a number of addresses which exist to attract people who send unsolicited email. If you send mail to them my system will automatically add you to a blacklist and not accept any more mail from you. So don't do that then. Here are the addresses:


I have a PGP-2 1024-bit RSA key which I use for most correspondence. It is 0x23f5addb with fingerprint
59 06 F6 87 BD 03 AC AD  0D 8E 60 2E FC F3 76 57
See the keyservers.


I no longer publish my street address on the World Wide Web. If you absolutely need to send me physical mail, and can't find my real address, you can use: Ian Jackson, c/o Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS, United Kingdom. This will be slow and perhaps unreliable.
Ian Jackson / ijackson@chiark.

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