Going freelance

I’ve mentioned this in a couple of other places, but I realized I never got round to posting about it on my own blog rather than on other people’s services. How remiss of me.

Anyway: after much soul-searching, I decided a few months ago that it was time for me to move on from Canonical and the Launchpad team there. Nearly 20 years is a long time to spend at any company, and although there are a bunch of people I’ll miss, Launchpad is in a reasonable state where I can let other people have a turn.

I’m now in business for myself as a freelance developer! My new company is Columbiform, and I’m focusing on Debian packaging and custom Python development. My services page has some self-promotion on the sorts of things I can do.

My first gig, and the one that made it viable to make this jump, is at Freexian where I’m helping with an exciting infrastructure project that we hope will start making Debian developers’ lives easier in the near future. This is likely to take up most of my time at least through to the end of 2024, but I may have some spare cycles. Drop me a line if you have something where you think I could be a good fit, and we can have a talk about it.