I did a bit of catching up on my Debian backlog over the last week or so. Among the things I got round to:

  • I released man-db 2.5.7. This was mostly an “I’ve been meaning to do this for ages” kind of thing to reduce the bug list a bit, closing ten Debian bugs, but there were a few interesting things in there as well, such as always saving cat pages in UTF-8 and recoding to the user’s locale at display time (long overdue), adjusting the search order for localised manual pages by request of quite a few non-native English speakers to prefer a page in the right section over a page in the right language, and a cute gimmick to make things like man /usr/bin/time display the appropriate manual page rather than the text of the executable. See the NEWS file for more details.
  • binfmt-support now installs cleanly on non-Linux systems, even if it doesn’t do anything useful yet.
  • I fixed a couple of shell bugs in groff.
  • halibut now complies with the Debian Vim policy, even though I can’t say I entirely agree with it in this case.
  • I fixed a really odd build failure in troffcvt. Yay imake, or something.
  • All Debian patches to putty are now upstream, or will be once I upload a new snapshot. Thanks to Simon Tatham and Jacob Nevins.
  • I did a few bits and pieces of packaging cleanup with an eye on my DDPO list, and added some watch files where they were missing.
  • Responded to an offer to take over icoutils maintenance.

So nothing really earth-shaking, and as ever openssh could use some attention, but I feel a bit better about my backlog now. I do still have a critical bug in makepasswd to fix, and a sponsored upload of parrot; those are the next two things on my to-do list.