binfmt-support 2.2.0

I’ve released binfmt-support 2.2.0. These are the major changes since 2.1.8:

  • Remove support for the old procfs interface, which has been unused since Linux 2.4.13 and which caused trouble in environments where we can’t use modprobe. Thanks to Bastian Blank.
  • Sort formats by name in the output of update-binfmts --display.
  • Building binfmt-support now requires Autoconf >= 2.63.
  • Add a new --unimport action, which is the inverse of --import.
  • Don’t enable formats on import or disable them on unimport unless /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc is already mounted. This avoids causing cleanup problems in chroots.
  • --fix-binary yes is incompatible with detectors. Warn the user if they try to use both at once. Thanks to Stefan Agner.

In the corresponding Debian upload (2.2.0-1), I’ve changed README.Debian to recommend using update-binfmts --unimport <name> in the prerm rather than a more complicated update-binfmts --package <package> --remove <name> <path> command. I don’t intend to push for existing packages to switch over to this before buster, though, since the stricter package relationships needed to arrange for a new enough version of binfmt-support to be present when the prerm runs would make the upgrade path more complicated, and it isn’t an urgent change.