Free software activity in June 2024

My Debian contributions this month were all sponsored by Freexian.

  • I switched man-db and putty to Rules-Requires-Root: no, thanks to a suggestion from Niels Thykier.
  • I moved some files in pcmciautils as part of the /usr move.
  • I upgraded libfido2 to 1.15.0.
  • I made an upstream release of multipart 0.2.5.
  • I reviewed some security-update patches to putty.
  • I packaged yubihsm-connector, yubihsm-shell, and python-yubihsm.
  • openssh:
    • I did a bit more planning for the GSS-API package split, though decided not to land it quite yet to avoid blocking other changes on NEW queue review.
    • I removed the user_readenv option from PAM configuration (#1018260), and prepared a release note.
  • Python team:
    • I packaged zope.deferredimport, needed for a new upstream version of python-persistent.
    • I fixed some incompatibilities with pytest 8: ipykernel and ipywidgets.
    • I fixed a couple of RC or soon-to-be-RC bugs in khard (#1065887 and #1069838), since I use it for my address book and wanted to get it back into testing.
    • I fixed an RC bug in python-repoze.sphinx.autointerface (#1057599).
    • I sponsored uploads of python-channels-redis (Dale Richards) and twisted (Florent ‘Skia’ Jacquet).
    • I upgraded babelfish, django-favicon-plus-reloaded, dnsdiag, flake8-builtins, flufl.lock, ipywidgets, jsonpickle, langtable, nbconvert, requests, responses, partd, pytest-mock, python-aiohttp (fixing CVE-2024-23829, CVE-2024-23334, CVE-2024-30251, and CVE-2024-27306), python-amply, python-argcomplete, python-btrees, python-cups, python-django-health-check, python-fluent-logger, python-persistent, python-plumbum, python-rpaths, python-rt, python-sniffio, python-tenacity, python-tokenize-rt, python-typing-extensions, pyupgrade, sphinx-copybutton, sphinxcontrib-autoprogram, uncertainties, zodbpickle, zope.configuration, zope.proxy, and to new upstream versions.

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