Free software activity in April 2024

My Debian contributions this month were all sponsored by Freexian.

  • I’m trying to get back into administration, so I spent some time catching up on my mailbox and answering a number of support requests there.
  • I fixed a regression I’d introduced last year where groff’s PDF output had invalid date headers, both upstream and in Debian.
  • I released man-db 2.12.1.
  • openssh:
    • I did a little more testing of Luca Boccassi’s modifications to upstream’s inline systemd notification patch.
    • I did an extensive review of some of the choices in Debian’s OpenSSH packaging, in light of last month’s xz-utils backdoor.
    • I fixed a build failure on ppc64el, forwarded upstream.
    • I proposed reducing shared library linkage in tcp-wrappers; its maintainer accepted this by disabling NIS support.
    • I applied a suggestion to improve ordering of systemd services in relation to
  • I updated putty to 0.81.
  • Python team:
  • I did some inconclusive investigation of flaky tests in gcr4. More work is needed there.
  • I proposed a patch for a build failure in gyoto, both upstream and in Debian.

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