Andrew Mobbs


Panorama of Tromsø

In late August 2001, I went on holiday to Tromsø, northern Norway, for a week. Here's a few photos. All were taken by me with a Canon Powershot S10 digital compact. Click on any for the full size 1600x1200 jpeg (the panorama above is a composite of 5 photos, and rather larger at 6000x912).


View over Tromsø to Northern Kvaløy A view south from the area above the Tromsø cable-car Arctic Cathedral
The Mack brewery The front of a house embedded in a cliff face A view from Tromsø quay over to Tromsdalen


Some rocks shattered by ice An eroded rockface Some small lakes
A close up of lichen Reflection in still water A view over to Sommarøy

Tromsø telemuseum

Three old telephones, including an 1880s model A large array of telephones of various ages A papertape teletypewriter
A 1957 automatic exchange Closeup of exchange A dismantled switching gear

Polar museum

Diorama of a polar bear trap Diorama of seal hunting photo of photo of polar explorer, Roald Amundsen


Fish drying in the open air A boat that's seen better days A turf-roofed stone boathouse
Scenic view over Sørlenangen A glacier

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