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2010-08-24 Owen S. DunnGet rid of the installer nonsense. master
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonRemove apparently-unneeded space
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonRemove ControlPanel.class too as it seems not to get...
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksontry to hit the build over the head to get the version...
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonVersion numbers are only baked-in now, not in filename
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonUse autogenerated version and display it in the UI
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonCreate src/com/tedpearson/ypp/market/ autom...
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksoninstaller no longer phones home (!)
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonactually bomb out if the control panel does
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksondocument how to make a clean build
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonuse gzip --rsyncable
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonUI fixes: jpctb does not run ypp if user closes the...
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonactually discover if builds break
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonfix new build script
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonnew build script
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonMention setting JAVA_HOME for build in README
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonAdd generated files to .gitignore
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonControl panel selects live servers by default
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonjpctb: Fix mistaken use of ${jppjava#..} when we meant %
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonjpctb: Use yppdir not $yohoho
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonjpctb: Fix syntax
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonjpctb: Fix syntax
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonjpctb: Fix syntax
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonjpctb: New algorithm for finding java stuff
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonDo not use openjdk; it doesn't work to mix and match
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonjpctb: More fixes for testing
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonfix typo
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'owen' into felix
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonTry harder to find the JRE (eg if yohoho/java is a...
2010-06-19 cebUse OpenJDK if java symlink seems broken
2010-06-01 Owen S. DunnTypo in Windows installer message.
2010-06-01 Owen S. DunnCopyright and licence info.
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonUse cp -s rather than lndir
2009-12-22 Owen S. DunnFix latch bug.
2009-12-22 Owen S. DunnFix Linux script usage message - no longer need path...
2009-12-22 Owen S. DunnFix shipboard uploading nullpointerexception
2009-12-20 Owen S. DunnRemove obsolete vbscript setup script.
2009-12-20 Owen S. DunnUpdate readme to mention installer and bug in Booty...
2009-12-20 Owen S. DunnModify PCTB.xml
2009-12-20 Owen S. DunnAdd accessibility properties.
2009-12-20 Owen S. DunnAdd NSIS installer, tweak ant xml file.
2009-12-06 Owen S. DunnMerge branch 'master' of chiark:src/jpctb-linkfarmer
2009-12-06 Owen S. DunnAdd readme
2009-12-06 Owen DunnWindows setup script
2009-12-06 Owen DunnAdd the lib elevate stuff (even though it's only used...
2009-12-06 Owen DunnInitial commit of Yarrg code
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonAssume jars are in same directory as jpctb by default
2009-11-14 Ian Jacksonrun the control panel
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonMIT copyright notice
2009-11-01 Ian Jacksonnew wrapper script actually works
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonBefore try different approach since ldpreload does...
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonDoes not work yet - must trap other calls too
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonWIP jpctb wrapper
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonSort of works ...
2009-11-01 Ian JacksonBefore do munging in sh