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2011-12-21 Kay Sieversadd builtin load/unload initializers
2011-12-21 Kay Sieversprepare builtins for blkid and kmod
2011-12-21 Luis Felipe... Switch spawn_read to void and remove useless stores...
2011-12-21 Kay Sieversmake: do not (mis-)use the config file generator, creat...
2011-12-20 Ville Skyttäman: spelling fix
2011-12-14 Kay Sieversconfigure: fix typo
2011-12-05 Kay Sieversuse libexecdir, bindir, sbindir, switch to /usr/lib...
2011-12-05 Kay Sieverssystemd: use PassCred=yes
2011-12-05 Kay Sieversrename 'init' directory to 'systemd'
2011-11-29 Martin Pitt75-persistent-net-generator.rules: Add Xen
2011-11-22 Kay Sieversman: clarify 'config file stack'
2011-11-22 Kay Sieversdo not ship in the tarball
2011-11-21 Sjoerd Simonskeymap: Add Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Tablet
2011-11-08 Kay Sieverslibudev: print log_fn address instead of ctx when setti...
2011-11-07 Kay Sieversrelease 175 175
2011-11-07 Kay Sieversrules: fix typo
2011-11-07 Harald Hoyerextras/keymap/findkeyboards: beautify shell code and...
2011-11-06 Kay Sieversrules: restore rule to set cdrom group for optical...
2011-11-04 Kay Sieversmake: tweak some autofoo according to Flameeyes' recomm...
2011-11-01 Kay Sieversreplace AC_DISABLE_STATIC with LT_INIT([disable-static])
2011-11-01 Kay Sieversdo not skip /dev/{disk,char}/M:m removal when the devic...
2011-10-31 David Zeuthengudev: Use g_ascii_strtoull() instead of strtoul()
2011-10-31 David Zeuthengudev: Use strtoul to parse unsigned 64-bit integers
2011-10-26 Martin Pittkeymap: Fix stuck keys on BenQ nScreen
2011-10-26 Martin Pittkeymap: Fix bluetooth key on Acer TravelMate 7720
2011-10-26 Martin Pittkeymap: Fix "internet" key on HP G62
2011-10-26 Martin Pittkeymap: More Asus module variants
2011-10-26 Martin Pittkeymap: Fix stuck keys on GIGABYTE i1520M
2011-10-26 Martin Pittfindkeyboards: Consistently use spaces instead of tabs
2011-10-26 Martin Pittextras/keymap/findkeyboards: Filter out non-event devices
2011-10-26 Martin Allow running separately
2011-10-26 Jerone Youngkeymap: Fix micmute remap for Lenovo Thinkpads
2011-10-22 Kay Sieversignore entire rules line if unknown keys are used
2011-10-19 Kay Sieversmake: add gpg signing bits
2011-10-19 Kay Sieversrelease 174 174
2011-10-19 Kay Sieversrules: do not load sg module
2011-10-19 Jerone YoungAdd mic mute keycode support for Lenovo Thinkpad USB...
2011-10-12 Kay Sieverssystemd: use ConditionCapability=CAP_MKNOD instead...
2011-10-11 Kay Sieversudevd: add missing braces
2011-10-10 Kay Sieversudevd: install into /lib/udev instead of /sbin
2011-10-10 Kay Sieversupdate NEWS
2011-10-10 Kay Sieversudev_ctrl_cleanup()- accept NULL as argument
2011-10-09 Kay Sieversudevd: control - no not delete socket file when --daemo...
2011-10-09 Kay Sieversudevadm: control - use /run/udev/control socket instead...
2011-10-08 Steve Langasekudevd: exit - process events before signals in worker
2011-10-06 Kay Sieverssystemd: update drop-in sd-daemon files
2011-10-06 Kay Sieversdelete left-over files in extras/
2011-10-05 Kay Sieverssystemd: no not start udev in a container
2011-10-05 Kay Sieverssystemd: no not start udev in a container
2011-10-05 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2011-10-05 Kay Sieverslibudev: export udev_util_encode_string()
2011-10-05 Kay Sieversremove 'udevadm trigger --type=failed' and SYSFS, ID...
2011-10-05 Kay Sieversusb_id: can't use global variables when used as built-in
2011-10-03 Kay Sieversupdate NEWS
2011-10-03 Kay Sieverskeymap: add genius keymap to Makefile
2011-10-03 Petr Uzeludevadm: settle - return failure if unknown option...
2011-09-26 Kay Sieversrules: fuse: do not mount fusectl from udev rules
2011-09-26 Kay Sieverslibudev: fix typo in documentation
2011-09-18 Kay Sieversupdate README
2011-09-01 David Zeuthenata_id: Check for Compact Flash card
2011-09-01 Kay Sieversmknod: do not complain about existing node
2011-08-28 Kay Sieverslibudev: list - properly sort linked list not only...
2011-08-22 Kir Kolyshkinkeymap: add Genius SlimStar 320
2011-08-22 Paul Foxkeymap: update the OLPC keymap for correct function...
2011-08-22 Thomas Hoodkeymap: Support for microphone mute button on ThinkPad...
2011-08-22 Thomas Hoodkeymap: Support keymap overrides in /etc/udev/keymaps
2011-08-17 Kay Sieverslibudev: udev_device_get_sysattr_value() return syspath...
2011-08-17 Kay Sieversexport USEC_INITIALIZED= and take timestamp on message...
2011-08-17 Kay Sieverslibudev: util_get_sys_(subsystem,driver}() -> util_get_...
2011-08-16 Matthias Clasenmake: allow to pass ${ACLOCAL_FLAGS}
2011-08-14 Kay Sieverspreserve 'sticky bit' on 'add/change' events
2011-08-12 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2011-08-12 Kay Sieversrules: remove legacy rules for cdrom and usb printer
2011-08-11 Kay Sieversdo not remove static nodes on module unload
2011-08-08 Martin Pittkeymap: Update Acer Aspire 5920g
2011-08-05 Kay Sieversimplement path_id, usb_id, input_id as built-in command
2011-08-04 Kay Sieversrules: move input_id to default rules
2011-08-04 Kay Sieverslibudev: list - use binary search for list lookup
2011-07-31 Kay Sieversgtk-doc: delete empty files
2011-07-30 Kay Sieversrelease 173
2011-07-30 Kay Sieversudevd: debug - put timestamp in []
2011-07-30 Kay Sieversudevadm: trigger --type=failed - log deprecation warning
2011-07-20 Martin Pittkeymap: Only run on key devices
2011-07-19 Kay Sieverskeymap: do not run usb_id for bluetooth devices
2011-07-19 Kay Sieversrules: sound - instead of ID_IFACE use standard ID_USB_...
2011-07-19 Kay Sieversrules: serial - do not export ID_PORT, use ID_USB_INTER...
2011-07-19 Kay Sieversrules: input - do not create (broken) links for bluetoo...
2011-07-19 Kay Sieversconfigure: reorder options
2011-07-19 Allin Cottrellconfigure: allow to disable mtd_probe
2011-07-18 Kay Sieversdo not allow kernel properties to be set by udev rules
2011-07-15 Kay Sieversdo not delete database when renaming netif, the db...
2011-07-14 Kay Sieversudev-acl: skip ACLs when systemd is running, disable...
2011-07-13 Kay Sieversudevadm: move udevadm command descriptions into their...
2011-07-13 Kay Sieversrules: mount fuse filesystem only 'add'
2011-07-12 Martin PittRemove obsolete extras/scsi_id/scsi_id.config
2011-07-12 Martin Pittscsi_id: Ship README
2011-07-12 Martin Pittgudev: Ship JavaScript examples
2011-07-11 Kay Sieversudevd: fix (recently) broken static node permission...
2011-07-11 Kay Sieversudevd: use 'uptime' in debug timestamp
2011-07-11 Kay Sieversmake: fix 'make tar-sync'