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2012-05-21 Shawn Landdensystemd-analyze: switch to python getopt for argument...
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringman: relax wording in journal-fields(7) a bit
2012-05-21 Frederic Crozatmain: allow system wide limits for services
2012-05-21 Michal Schmidtjournald: one more SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER length fix
2012-05-21 Michal Schmidtjournald: fix length of "SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER="
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: rework in_initrd() logic
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringmain: rename a few fix to follow general naming style
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringswitch-root: move switch_root() call into its own ...
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyermain: do_switch_root() do not recursively remove across...
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyerutil: rm_rf_children() add root_dev parameter
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyerdelta/delta.c: initialize bottom for fail state
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyercore/main.c: handle the initrd timestamp differently...
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyercore/main.c: do_switch_root(): do not remove the old...
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyercore/main.c: add "--switchedroot" parameter
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyermanager: only serialize the timestamps for the initramf...
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyerutil.c: add in_initrd()
2012-05-21 Harald Hoyermain: corrected do_switch_root()
2012-05-21 Nis Martensendelta: fix spelling of overridden
2012-05-21 Frederic Crozatutil: fix typo in newdup
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2012-05-21 Auke Koksd-pam: Drop uid so parent signal arrives at child.
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2012-05-21 Daniel Mackjournalctl: fix built-in usage output
2012-05-21 Matthew Monacocryptsetup: support discards (TRIM)
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringmain: try a bit harder to find an init process to execu...
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringservice: make the fsck pass no configurable
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringcryptsetup: a few simplifications
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringhostname-setup: also consider (Ε„one) an unset hostname
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringunit: introduce RequiredBy= setting in [Install], to...
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringlogin: minor typo fix
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringunits: introduce new Documentation= field and make...
2012-05-21 Michal Schmidtsystemctl: drop useless DBus calls from 'systemctl...
2012-05-21 Michal Schmidtdbus-unit: always load the unit before handling a messa...
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringdelta: drop PHP'ism
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringdelta: don't highlight unchanged files
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2012-05-21 Lennart Poetteringdelta: introduce arg_flags field, to follow our usual...
2012-05-16 Lennart Poetteringdelta: use same nomenclature for equivalent and redirec...
2012-05-16 Lennart Poetteringdelta: enums are much cooler than defines
2012-05-16 Gergely Nagydelta: Support filtering what type of deltas to show
2012-05-16 Lennart Poetteringdelta: add preset dirs
2012-05-16 Lennart Poetteringdelta: add missing files
2012-05-16 Lennart Poetteringswitch-root: check for absolute paths
2012-05-16 Lennart Poetteringdelta: add systemd-delta tool to find overriden configu...
2012-05-15 Kay Sieversudev: update docs, NEWS
2012-05-15 Kay Sieversudev: libudev - bump soname, remove deprecated function...
2012-05-15 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: support build-from-git without gobject-intro...
2012-05-15 Kay Sieversbuild-sys: fix distcheck
2012-05-15 Lennart Poetteringtmpfiles: if we are supposed to write a string to a...
2012-05-15 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: fix build
2012-05-15 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: fix build for folks without gtk-doc installed
2012-05-15 Lennart Poetteringgit: update gitignore
2012-05-15 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: move gtk-doc stuff into its own subdir and...
2012-05-15 Michal Schmidtman: overwrite vs. override
2012-05-15 Michal Schmidtinstall: fix inverted meaning of '--force' in systemctl...
2012-05-14 Andreas Schwabmissing: Fix broken syscall(__NR_fanotify_mark... on...
2012-05-14 Lennart Poetteringsd-login: update header docs a bit
2012-05-14 Lennart Poetteringnamespace: make PrivateTmp= apply to both /tmp and...
2012-05-14 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2012-05-14 Lennart Poetteringsystemctl: add switch-root verb
2012-05-14 Lennart Poetteringcore: add extra safety check before switching root
2012-05-14 Michal Schmidtjob: info message if JOB_VERIFY_ACTIVE detects an inact...
2012-05-14 Michal Schmidtjob: report the status of first half of JOB_RESTART...
2012-05-14 Michal Schmidtunit: unit type dependent status messages
2012-05-14 Michal Schmidtunit: print the color status marks on the left
2012-05-14 Michal Schmidtjob: change red [ABORT] status to yellow [DEPEND]
2012-05-14 Michal Schmidtjob: only jobs on the runqueue can be run
2012-05-14 Michal Schmidtunits: do not quit plymouth too early
2012-05-14 Martin Pittkeymap: Add Mio N890
2012-05-14 Martin Pittupdate mailmap for Martin Pitt
2012-05-10 Kay Sieversudev: path_id - cciss - set "we have a bus" flag
2012-05-10 Hannes Reineckeudev: path_id - add cciss support
2012-05-09 Michal Schmidtdbus-manager: fix tainted string
2012-05-09 Michal Schmidtmain: fix uninitialized variable
2012-05-09 Michal Schmidtmain: fix assertion failure due to use of ELEMENTSOF...
2012-05-09 Michal Schmidtbash-completion: use printf instead of echo
2012-05-09 Michal Schmidtbash-completion: avoid losing backslashes in unit names
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringutil: a few updates for rm_rf()
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringmanager: introduce SwitchRoot bus call for initrd/main...
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringpath-util: there is no function path_parent()
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringmain: simplify+unify logic for parsing runtime booleans
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringlogind: implement suspend/hibernate calls with inhibiti...
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringsleep: implement suspend/hibernate as first class targets
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringlogind: use "sleep" as generic term for "suspend",...
2012-05-08 Lennart Poetteringlogind: fix test-inhibit
2012-05-08 Kay undef _FORTIFY_SOURCE, which now logs warni...
2012-05-08 Kay Sieversutil: split-out path-util.[ch]
2012-05-07 Kay Sieversutil: split-out hwclock.[ch]
2012-05-07 Frederic Crozatlogind: fix memory leak
2012-05-07 Lennart Poetteringupdate TODO
2012-05-07 Lennart PoetteringUpdate TODO
2012-05-07 Kay Sieversutil: split-out conf-file.[ch]
2012-05-07 Kay Sieversudev: path_id - skip PCI-only-parents for block devices
2012-05-07 Kay Sieversudev: use conf_files_list() to search rules files
2012-05-07 Kay Sieversconf_files_list(): split out conf_files_list_strv()
2012-05-07 Kay Sieversconf_files_list(): files-add() - do not canonicalize...
2012-05-04 Lennart Poetteringlogind: implement delay inhibitor locks in addition...