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[elogind.git] / udev / udevd.xml
2011-01-04 Kay Sieversman: fix typo
2010-05-29 Kay Sieversman: udevd - update intro
2010-05-29 Kay Sieversman: add kernel command line parameters
2010-05-28 Kay Sieversman: add static device nodes and udevd debug options
2010-05-27 Kay Sieversudevd: replace --debug-trace with --children-max
2010-05-24 Kay Sieversman: directly use 'refentry'
2009-08-07 Alan Jenkinsman: fix unused, inaccurate metadata
2009-01-21 Kay SieversMerge commit '9032f119f07ad3b5116b3d4858816d851d4127de'
2009-01-21 Kay SieversMerge commit '5f03ed8a56d308af72db8a48ab66ed68667af2c6'
2009-01-20 Scott James RemnantExpose delayed name resolution
2009-01-20 Scott James RemnantAllow user and group lookup to be disabled.
2008-09-07 Kay Sieversudevadm: add --version --help options to man page,...
2008-07-29 Kay Sieversdelete all Makefiles and move udev source to udev/