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journalctl: rework short output mode to rebuild full syslog message
[elogind.git] / src / util.c
2012-01-05 Lennart Poetteringjournalctl: rework short output mode to rebuild full...
2012-01-05 Lennart Poetteringutil: never ellipsize welcome message
2012-01-05 Lennart Poetteringutil: when printing status updates during boot, take...
2012-01-04 Lennart Poetteringjournal: beef up journal output of systemctl and journalctl
2011-12-31 Lennart Poetteringutil: fix warning
2011-12-31 Lennart Poetteringjournal: automatically deduce journal metrics from...
2011-12-30 Lennart PoetteringMerge branch 'journal'
2011-12-23 Lennart Poetteringjournal: implement stdout transport
2011-12-21 Lennart Poetteringjournalctl: add json, export, short and verbose output...
2011-12-19 Lennart Poetteringjournal: implement inotify-based live logging logic
2011-12-03 Michal Schmidtutil: fix error checking after fgets()
2011-11-08 Lennart PoetteringMerge branch 'master' into journal
2011-11-02 Lennart PoetteringMerge remote-tracking branch 'zbigniew/systemadm_changes'
2011-10-12 Lennart Poetteringutil: fix build
2011-10-12 Lennart PoetteringMerge branch 'master' into journal
2011-10-11 Lennart Poetteringutil: properly detect what the last capability is
2011-10-10 Thomas Jaroschutil: fix close() call on wrong variable
2011-10-07 Lennart Poetteringjournal: split user logs into their own journal files
2011-10-07 Lennart Poetteringjournal: add preliminary incomplete implementation
2011-09-28 Lennart Poetteringlocaled: add SetX11Keyboard() and SetVConsoleKeyboard...
2011-09-23 Lennart Poetteringutil: move virtualization detection into its own files...
2011-09-23 Lennart Poetteringutil: don't fail if no id was passed to detect_container()
2011-09-23 Lennart Poetteringutil: detect systemd-nspawn without relying on ns cgrou...
2011-09-23 Michal Schmidtutil: improve signal_to_string, signal_from_string
2011-09-22 Lennart Poetteringcoverity: change a few things so that coverity doesn...
2011-09-22 Lennart Poetteringcoverity: fix a couple of bugs found by coverity
2011-08-24 Frederic Crozatinitctl: check for kexec_loaded when reboot is requeste...
2011-08-22 Lennart Poetteringcgroup: optionally mount a specific cgroup controllers...
2011-08-21 Lennart Poetteringcgroup: when trimming cgroup trees, honour sticky bit...
2011-08-21 Lennart Poetteringcgroup: honour sticky bit when trimming cgroup trees
2011-08-21 Lennart Poetteringexec: allow passing arbitrary path names to blkio cgrou...
2011-08-19 Lennart Poetteringexec: optionally apply cgroup attributes to the cgroups...
2011-08-01 Lennart Poetteringutil: place a couple of _likely_ around cache TLS vars
2011-08-01 Lennart Poetteringutil: add is_main_thread() call
2011-08-01 Lennart Poetteringutil: use join() instead of asprintf() as an optimization
2011-07-31 Lennart Poetteringutil: introduce join() to speed up simple string concat...
2011-07-31 Lennart Poetteringutil: optimize strstrip() a bit
2011-07-29 Lennart Poetteringsd-login: return size of arrays as return value in...
2011-07-22 Lennart Poetteringutil: make use of get_user_creds() and get_group_creds...
2011-07-22 Lennart Poetteringutil: user parse_uid() wherever applicable
2011-07-22 Lennart Poetteringsd-login: beef up login api, to add monitoring and...
2011-07-22 Lennart Poetteringutil: use readdir_r() instead of readdir()
2011-07-22 Lennart Poetteringinstall: add new installer implementation
2011-07-21 Kay Sieversfix hwclock_apply_localtime_delta() to properly handle...
2011-07-11 Lennart PoetteringMerge remote-tracking branch 'harald/master'
2011-07-07 Lennart Poetteringcgls: add pager support to systemd-cgls
2011-07-07 Lennart Poetteringpath,unit: support globbing in conditions and path...
2011-07-05 Lennart Poetteringutil: explicitly turn of O_CLOEXEC for stdin/stdout...
2011-07-05 Lennart Poetteringadd a few O_CLOEXEC where missing
2011-07-01 Michal Vyskocilnspawn: Move the get_user_creds from execute.c to utils...
2011-06-30 Lennart Poetteringutil: try harder to rename the process
2011-06-29 Lennart Poetteringutil: clear scrolling region when clearing screen
2011-06-27 Lennart Poetteringlogind: automatically deduce seat from display
2011-06-24 Lennart Poetteringlogind: hook up PAM module with logind
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringlogind: implement idle hint logic
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringtimedated: sync clock down to RTC where necessary
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: make a couple of files we write atomic
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringdbus: introduce UnsetAndSetEnvironment()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: return errno in close_nointr()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: add fopen_temporary()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: move string enum mapping to the end
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: add pipe_eof()
2011-06-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: introduce dirent_is_file()
2011-05-24 Kay Sieversrtc in localtime: use settimeofday(NULL, tz) instead...
2011-05-20 Lennart Poetteringutil: use new VT ESC sequence to clear scrollback buffer
2011-05-19 Lennart Poetteringutil: use open_terminal() in chvt() too
2011-05-17 Lennart Poetteringexec: hangup/reset/deallocate VTs in gettys
2011-04-30 Kay Sieversbinfmt, modules-load, sysctl, tmpfiles: read /usr/local...
2011-04-30 Lennart Poetteringutil: don't AND cx with cx
2011-04-28 Kay Sieversutil: conf_files_list() return list as parameter
2011-04-28 Lennart Poetteringlookup: drop empty directories from search paths
2011-04-25 Kay Sieverssysctl.d, binfmt.d, modules-load.d: switch to stacked...
2011-04-19 Chris E FerronMeeGo support
2011-04-16 Lennart Poetteringhostnamed: introduce systemd-hostnamed
2011-04-16 Lennart Poetteringhostname: split out hostname validation into util.c
2011-04-16 Lennart Poetteringutil: truncate newline inside of read_one_line_file...
2011-04-16 Lennart Poetteringutil: modernize get_parent_of_pid() a bit
2011-04-12 Lennart Poetteringpam: use /proc/self/loginuid only if we have CAP_AUDIT_...
2011-04-07 Lennart Poetteringdon't make up buffer sizes, use standard LINE_MAX instead
2011-04-04 Lennart Poetteringbinfmt: add binfmt tool to set up binfmt_misc at boot
2011-04-03 Lennart Poetteringkmsg-syslogd: pass facility value into kmsg
2011-03-31 Lennart Poetteringlog: fix shifting of facilities
2011-03-31 Lennart Poetteringsrc: our lord is coverity
2011-03-31 Lennart Poetteringplymouth: use PID file to detect whether ply is running
2011-03-30 Lennart Poetteringstatus: show status messages unconditionally if plymout...
2011-03-28 cee1util: detect page size runtime.
2011-03-18 Lennart Poetteringman: document pidns containers
2011-03-16 Lennart Poetteringutil: make touched files non-writable by default
2011-03-14 Lennart Poetteringutil: add detect_container()
2011-03-14 Lennart Poetteringutil: detect CLONE_NEWPID namespaces, and cache results
2011-03-14 Lennart Poetteringutil: return exit status in wait_for_terminate_and_warn()
2011-03-14 Lennart Poetteringutil: properly identify pty devices by their major
2011-03-10 Lennart Poetteringutil: close all fds before freezing execution
2011-03-09 Lennart Poetteringdbus: properly generate UnknownInterface, UnknownProper...
2011-03-09 Lennart Poetteringdrop unnecessary suffix NULs as gcc adds them anyway
2011-03-08 Andrey Borzenkovbuild-sys: add Mandriva distribution support v20
2011-03-04 Lennart Poetteringexecute: load environment files at time of execution...
2011-03-03 Lennart Poetteringkill: always send SIGCONT after SIGTERM
2011-02-22 Lennart Poetteringvirtualization: check cpuid first, since it is cheaper...
2011-02-21 Lennart Poetteringutil: make string static