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dgit: Enforce a syntax for nominal distros
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2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Enforce a syntax for nominal distros
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Dgit parsing: Refactor into parse_dsc_field
2017-01-08 Ian JacksonProtocol change: Add distro info to Dgit field
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: Move notpushing call in fetch...
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: combine parseopts_late_defaults...
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: Move parseopts_late_defaults...
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: Fix distro/suite reference bugs
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: Make function parseopts_late_defaults
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: Provide call to build_prep_early...
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: quilt-fixup: Use build_prep_early
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: import-dsc: Parse `Dgit:' field properly, using...
2017-01-06 Ian JacksonChange name of rewrite map ref (needs an extra / for...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Honour dgit-rewrite-map
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: Merge from a filtered view of my perso...
2017-01-05 Ian JacksonMerge tag dgit/2.14 into `defence in dgit-repos-server...
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksondgit: Do not generate bogus commits
2016-12-20 Ian JacksonImport fix: Switch back to unpa branch on patch import...
2016-12-20 Ian JacksonImprove "cannot represent change" message
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonquilt fixup: Permit creation of patches which delete...
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksonabsurd/git: Better debugging
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonDo not fail when cloning a package containing dangling...
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonBy default, generate a DEP-14 tag as well as a dgit...
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksondgit: Break out access_cfg_tagformats_can_splitbrain
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonSuppress some leftover debugging output from import...
2016-12-19 Ian Jacksondgit: Give better advice if .dsc/.changes signing fails
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonSlightly better message when .dsc not found.
2016-12-19 Ian JacksonIntroduce dep14_version_quote
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: remove_stray_gits: Print a slightly better message
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: git_add_write_tree: Replace two open-coded git...
2016-11-07 Ian JacksonCope when an orig tarball is a tarbomb.
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: Introduce git_add_write_tree
2016-11-07 Ian JacksonFix an unconditional print that was supposed to be...
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: aptget: un-disable cache clean
2016-11-07 Ian JacksonBetter error message for inappropriate multi-suite
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: Implement multi-suites
2016-11-07 Ian JacksonActually honour the branch name for $isuite, if we...
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: Print a debug message if clone removes due to...
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: Move canonicalise_suite into fetch()
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksonclone: Postpone canonicalise_suite
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: Make clone_set_head not depend on $giturl
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: clone: Break out clone_set_head and clone_finish
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: fetch_from_archive: Break out _record_1 and _2.
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: Always print canonical suite name
2016-11-07 Ian Jacksondgit: printdone: Use $us.
2016-11-06 Ian Jacksondgit: canonicalise_suite_aptget: Add a bit of debug
2016-11-06 Ian JacksonSupport the Debian *-security suites.
2016-11-06 Ian Jacksondgit: aptget archive access method
2016-11-06 Ian Jacksondgit: config: Allow dgit-suite.PATTERN.distro
2016-11-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Introduce access_nomdistro()
2016-11-06 Ian Jacksondgit: Introduce archive_query_prepend_mirror
2016-11-06 Ian Jacksondgit: parsecontrol: Support $allowsigned (nfc)
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'wip.tutorials' into wip
2016-10-30 Ian Jackson-p option: Check against changelog
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonActually provide a -p (--package=) option (!)
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonProperly fetch all archive dgit view tags, as we intended.
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksongit_fetch_us: More debugging (nfc)
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonCope when cloning suite which doesn't receive uploads...
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonReject `dgit pull' in split view quilt modes
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit gbp-build will arrange to let gbp buildpackage...
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit: Introduce build_prep_early
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit: Introduce upstreamversion
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonSupport dgit --delayed= push
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit clone: Set timestamps in cloned tree to a single...
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonNew option --dgit-view-save= for split view quilt modes.
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport-dsc: Actually print signature warning without...
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport-dsc: Support --require-valid-signature
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport-dsc: Check the signature
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport-dsc: Introduce ff checking
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport-dsc: Introduce $newhash (nfc)
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport-dsc: Introduce $info (nfc)
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport-dsc: Refuse to update a checked-out branch
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport dsc: Actually permit --force-import-dsc-with...
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonimport-dsc: New feature
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonProperly look for .origs etc. in .., fetching them...
2016-10-30 Ian Jackson.dsc and file handling: Add some debugging output
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondgit: Break out parse_dscdata.
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonProvide --force-changes-origs-exactly
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonAutomatically calculate which .origs are required
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonTest suite: Switch by default archive access method...
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondummyapicat: New archive query method
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonSome archive queries: Remove prototypes
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondopush: Break out $changes variable
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksondopush: Move $upstreamversion setting out to give it...
2016-10-30 Ian Jackson@files_csum_info_fields: Provide ftpmaster api database...
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonarchive_query: Provide file_in_archive methods
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonarchive_query: Support further arguments to methods
2016-10-30 Ian Jacksonapi query: Provide ability to tolerate 404
2016-10-30 Ian JacksonSplit brain mode: Fix --new. Closes:#842354.
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonbuild modes handling: Check for stray .changes on all...
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonbuild changes handling: Break out midbuild_checkchanges
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonbuild changes handling: Run mergechanges when needed...
2016-10-25 Ian Jacksonbuild changes handling: Introduce postbuild_mergechanges
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonImport: Allow --force to enable/disable
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonIgnore unknown force options (with a warning)
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonProvide --force-dsc-changes-mismatch
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonProvide --force-unsupported-source-format
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonImport: Use absurd `git apply' emulation if gbp pq...
2016-10-24 Ian JacksonBuild system substitutions, for absurdities
2016-10-23 Ian JacksonProvide --force-unrepresentable.
2016-10-23 Ian Jacksondgit: --force-*: Provide framework