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>On 16/12/2012 07:56, Roland Perry wrote:
>"...the Paywave scheme on TfL is aimed largely at tourists (because 
>UK-based regulars will have season tickets or Oysters)"
>Now I don't speak for TfL, nor am I in any way connected with the 
>project, but even so I cannot disagree more. The entire thrust of the 
>project in things that I see and hear is simplicity for the vast 
>majority of users, together with cost reduction for TfL.

The vast majority of users have season tickets - are those storable on a 
Paywave card?

>There may of course be a risk of loss of loyalty to the Oyster brand as 
>existing users convert to using bank cards, but no matter: as I 
>indicated earlier, the aim is to facilitate the movement of people 
>round London. Visitors to the country who bring full fat bank cards 
>should have no problem using them on London's public transport

Not currently, because they only accept UK-issued Paywave cards.

>- no need any more to buy an Oyster.
>A possible unintended consequence will be that uninformed people here 
>in Bristol will be less likely to demand that we have Oyster here -

Oyster in Bristol - that's new one. Wouldn't any new initiatives there 
be ITSO?

> there just isn't the public money to do what they really want, which 
>is cheaper (i.e. subsidised) travel by public transport.

And such folks are already in denial about how much most of their public 
transport is already subsidised.
Roland Perry

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