Consfigurator 1.4.1 released, including new support for FreeBSD

Sean Whitton spwhitton at
Wed Jul 10 01:49:00 BST 2024

I am pleased to announce Consfigurator 1.4.1.

Consfigurator is a system for declarative configuration management using
Common Lisp.  For more information please see:
    and <>.

News since the last version announced to this list (1.3.2):

- FreeBSD support:

  - Add OS types for FreeBSD.

  - Add some properties for FreeBSD's pkg(8) and rc.conf(5).

  - :SBCL Lisp-type connections can now be established to FreeBSD hosts.

- Changes to existing properties:

  - APACHE:HTTPS-VHOST now adds an Apache <Directory> directive which
    ensures that HTTP access to the .well-known/acme-challenge/
    subdirectory of the document root is granted.

  - APT:STANDARD-SOURCES-FOR will not try to add *-backports sources for
    stable releases whose *-backports dists are gone from the official
    Debian mirrors.

    ``sgdisk --clear`` before ``sgdisk --zap-all`` to avoid certain
    failures to clear out the block device.

You can find the source at for
browsing online or git cloning.

Releases are made by publishing signed git tags to that repository.
The tag for this release is named 'v1.4.1', and is signed by me.

On Debian/etc. systems, apt-get install cl-consfigurator
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