an RGTP-based GROGGS reader for GNU Emacs and XEmacs

GREED stands for "Groggs Reader/Editor with Emacs Display" and is a client that runs under GNU Emacs and XEmacs and can be used for reading, replying to, and editing GROGGS. It was originally developed by Gareth Rees, and was for a time badly maintained by me, Alexandra Lanes.

It has since been taken over by Richard Kettlewell; the rest of this page should be of only historical interest.


Texinfo documentation is provided with GREED, and should be viewable from within Info once GREED is installed. An online HTML version of the Greed documentation is also available.


In addition, my CVS repository can be found in theTartarus CVS Tree. You can access this CVS repository using CVSROOT, password anonymous.


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