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Wigan North Western

Collected date 15/09/16

Wigan North Western sign

Wigan North Western is one of two stations in Wigan, a short distance apart on Wallgate where Wigan Wallgate is also located. North Western is on the West Coast Main Line and its original station buildings were demolished when the WCML was electrified in the 1970s. So it's 1970s BR architecture all the way. Here's the front of the station building seen from the car park on Wallgate:

Wigan North Western front

The tracks run just to the right and over a bridge over Wallgate itself, with a hard to read plaque marking the bridge's refurbishment in 2000:

Wigan North Western bridge plaque

Just inside the station building looking at the ticket office to the left of the entrance:

Wigan North Western ticket office

To the right of the previous shot a corridor leads into the subway which connects the platforms:

Wigan North Western subway

But perhaps you didn't want to be here? A sign in the subway tells you where to go if you actually meant to be at Wigan Wallgate:

Wigan North Western Looking for Wigan Wallgate sign

As well as lifts, steps lead up to platforms 1-4:

Wigan North Western steps to platforms 1-4

The platform nearest the front of the station is platform 1:

Wigan North Western platform 1

Peeking round the back ot the steps at the western end of platform 1:

Wigan North Western by platform 1 entrance

Platform 1 and 4 are on either side of the first island platform. Here platform 1 is furthest from us:

Wigan North Western platforms 123

An octagonal waiting room sits part way along platforms 1 and 4:

Wigan North Western octagon

Beyond the octagon are the two bay platforms 2 and 3:

Wigan North Western bay platforms

Walking back down the other side of the station buildings on this island platform, we look east along platform 4:

Wigan North Western platform 4 looking east

Looking west:

Wigan North Western platform 4 looking west

Back down in the subway to get to platforms 5 and 6 on the other side of the station. Looking back along the subway towards platforms 1-4:

Wigan North Western in the subway

Looking down the steps to the subway from platforms 5 and 6:

Wigan North Western platforms 5 and 6 subway entrance

On platform 5, looking east under the canopy:

Wigan North Western platform 5 under canopy

Further east along platform 5 looking west towards the station buildings:

Wigan North Western platforms 4 and 5 looking west

Looking east along platform 5. In the distance on the left the line curves away towards Ince:

Wigan North Western looking east

Platform 6 is furthest from the entrance and is the station's final through line. Here we look west:

Wigan North Western platform 6

Further west along platform 6 we have the subway entrance on our right and some overgrown concrete on the left:

Wigan North Western platform 6 looking west

Looking west along the line:

Wigan North Western looking west

And a quick glance back at the station buildings with lift shafts:

Wigan North Western platforms looking east