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Collected date 15/09/16

Ince sign

Ince, to the east of Wigan, has a small quiet station, which was deserted when we visited. It's just a single island platform with two faces, accessed from a road bridge over the line. The entrance to the station, on Ince Green Lane:

Ince entry

The rear of the entrance gateway, showing old rooflines:

Ince exit

The entrance leads to a footbridge over one of the lines:

Ince footbridge

The footbridge seen from the road bridge:

Ince from road bridge looking west

A view of the footbridge from ground level on the other side of the lines:

Ince footbridge from ground level

These steps lead up from the island platform to the footbridge:

Ince steps

Looking east towards the road bridge along the line from the end of the island platform:

Ince looking east

Looking east on the platform:

Ince platforms looking east

Looking west at the shelter:

Ince shelter

From the western end of the platform looking east:

Ince from western end

Looking west along the line from the end of the operational platform - it's overgrown beyond!

Ince looking west