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Collected date 23/05/15

Whitwell, on the Robin Hood Line, is one of those stations without an obvious double-arrow sign nearby, so you'll have to make do with a picture of a car park:

Whitwell car park

The station has two platforms, joined with a footbridge. The car park leads you on to platform 1:

Whitwell platform 1 shelter

On platform 1 looking west:

Whitwell platform 1 looking west

The footbridge (parallel to a road bridge as at Shirebrook):

Whitwell footbridge

From the footbridge looking west. On the right you can see the long ramp down to platform 1:

Whitwell looking west from

On the other side is another long ramp leading to platform 2:

Whitwell platform 2 ramp

The entrance to platform 2:

Whitwell platform 2 entrance

On platform 2 looking west:

Whitwell platform 2 looking west

Looking east at both platforms from the western end of platform 2:

Whitwell platforms looking east

Looking west along the line:

Whitwell looking west