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Collected date 23/05/15

Shirebrook sign

Shirebrook station serves the small town of Shirebrook on the Robin Hood Line, and still has its original Midland Railway building. The front of the building, to the east of the line:

Shirebrook front

A ramp leads down from the level of the bridge over the line to the station:

Shirebrook ramp

The entrance gives onto platform 2. Here are both platforms looking south with platform 2 on the left:

Shirebrook platform 1 looking south

Two bridges, a footbridge and a road bridge, cross the line at the station's north and allow access between the two platforms. Looking north from the end of platform 1:

Shirebrook looking north

Beyond the bridge is a signalbox which controls the junction with the High Marnham Test Track:

Shirebrook signalbox

From the footbridge looking south at the station:

Shirebrook looking south
from bridge

Peering north from the road bridge:

Shirebrook looking north
from bridge

A ramp on the platform 1 side leads down to platform 1 itself:

Shirebrook rear

At the southern end of platform 1 looking north:

Shirebrook platform 1 looking north

Looking south along the line from the same point:

Shirebrook looking south