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Collected date 14/09/15

Whitehaven sign

Whitehaven was the end of a day's exploring, though it mainly featured sheltering in the waiting room from a passing shower while we waited fpr a delayed train to arrive.

The station is almost entirely modern, but some remnants of a previous station do remain. This curved wall on the approach to the station front is almost certainly part of the former building:

Whitehaven old wall

The approach to the station front, with the curved wall behind us and to our left:

Whitehaven approach

The entrance to the station building, which has a few seats, toilets, and a ticket counter:

Whitehaven entrance

The plaque in the building dates its opening:

This station was opened on 4th
December 1981 by R W M Pybus Chairman of the British Railways (Midland
and North Western) Board

The rear of the station building:

Whitehaven station building rear

A large central platform area sits between the terminating platform 1 and the through platform 2. Looking south towards the end of platform 1:

Whitehaven platform 1 looking south

The side of the station building next to platform 1:

Whitehaven side

At the south end of platform 1 looking north, with a Harrington hump visible:

Whitehaven platform 1 looking north

Beyond the station building is a temporary hut-like structure used by station staff for storing cleaning materials. The buffers at the end of platform 1 are visible on the right and the curved wall in the centre:

Whitehaven platform 1 buffers

Walking to the northern end of the platform looking south at both platform edges:

Whitehaven platforms looking

Looking north from the end of the platform:

Whitehaven looking north

Just beyond the north end of the station is the signalbox:

Whitehaven signalbox

During the day most trains are through trains on platform 2. Looking north on platform 2, with a disused platform edge clearly visible on the right:

Whitehaven platform 2 looking north

Further south down platform 2 with the station building on the left:

Whitehaven platform 2 from south

Looking south towards the Whitehaven tunnel which emerges at Corkickle:

Whitehaven looking south

A side gate leads from platform 2 back to the station forecourt:

Whitehaven side exit