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Collected date 17/09/15

Corkickle sign

Corkickle is really just a suburb of Whitehaven to the north, the two railway stations being separated only by a tunnel. It has its own quiet request stop, though, which we visited on a warm September morning. The station building, now in private hands:

Corkickle front

The door:

Corkickle door

The entrance to the station's single platform is just to the side of the station building:

Corkickle building side

The platform, seen from its north end:

Corkickle platform

Looking along the platform from the other end:

Corkickle platform looking north

I went round to the hill just to the east of the station to get a better look down at the rear of the station building:

Corkickle rear

Looking south along the line at a section of disused platform:

Corkickle looking south

At the other end there's more unused platform before the train disappears into the tunnel:

Corkickle looking north

Looking into the tunnel mouth:

Corkickle tunnel entrance