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Upper Tyndrum

Collected date 23/08/12

Upper Tyndrum sign

Although the West Highland Lines actually fork at Crianlarich, the two branches are still close enough that Tyndrum has two stations. I was thus able to arrive at Upper Tyndrum for a short walk across to Tyndrum Lower.

Upper Tyndrum platform sign

On the platforms, looking south:

Upper Tyndrum platforms looking

There's this small planter in the middle of the platforms:

Upper Tyndrum planter

Looking south along the line from near the end of the platforms:

Upper Tyndrum looking south

This square building sits on the platform, holding a kettle. Is it a signalbox? There are no signal levers or anything:

Upper Tyndrum box

Although there is a diagram inside the box:

Upper Tyndrum diagram

Just north of the box is the station building itself, which offers shelter to passengers on either platform:

Upper Tyndrum building

Looking at the building from the other end of the platform:

Upper Tyndrum platforms
from north

Looking south along platform 2, under the canopy provided by the building:

Upper Tyndrum canopy platform

On platform 1, looking north along the line:

Upper Tyndrum looking north

Because the station is on an island platform, an underpass is used to cross the line. Here's the exit from the station:

Upper Tyndrum exit

And at the other side, the entrance:

Upper Tyndrum entrance