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Tyndrum Lower

Collected date 23/08/12

Tyndrum Lower sign

Tyndrum Lower is one of two stations in Tyndrum, one on each branch of the West Highland Lines. The other is Upper Tyndrum, on the opposite (eastern) site of Strathfillan.

The entrance to Tyndrum Lower, which is a much more basic station than Upper Tyndrum:

Tyndrum Lower entrance

Just to the west of the entrance is a barrow crossing:

Tyndrum Lower looking west

On the platform, looking west at the crossing and down the line:

Tyndrum Lower platform looking

On the platform at Tyndrum Lower, looking east:

Tyndrum Lower platform

Looking along the platform from its other, eastern, end:

Tyndrum Lower platform from

Looking east along the line, which eventually joins the other branch at Crianlarich:

Tyndrum Lower looking east