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Town Green

Collected date 01/07/13

Town Green sign

Town Green station is a small station on the Ormskirk branch. The main station building is on the east side of the line:

Town Green front

The side of the station building has a parking place for police vehicles only, not because the station is a crime hotspot but because it houses a police station:

Town Green side

The entrance to the station, through this doorway:

Town Green entrance

The rear of the main station building seen from the opposite platform:

Town Green rear

The sheltered area and wooden canopy edge, with the police station door on the left:

Town Green canopy

The main station building backs onto platform 1, for trains south to Liverpool. Looking north at the footbridge which connects the two platforms:

Town Green footbridge

Looking south along platform 1:

Town Green platform 1 looking south

A view looking north of platform 1:

Town Green platform 1

Climbing the footbridge steps we can see an unroofed area behind a locked door, probably once a gents:

Town Green disused loo?

The station building on platform 2:

Town Green platform 2 building

The rear of the platform 2 building:

Town Green platform 2 building

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 2:

Town Green looking south

A road bridge crosses the line a little way north of the station. Since the bridge has both a road bridge and a parallel footbridge, there is an odd gap through which you can see the track:

Town Green bridge gap

Looking north from the road bridge:

Town Green from bridge
looking north

Looking south at the station from the road bridge:

Town Green from road bridge
looking south