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Collected date 03/07/13

Spital sign

Spital station is a short way north of Bromborough Rake station and like others on the line was obviously once four tracks. The front of the station building:

Spital front

The station building connects to the footbridge which like at Bromborough is a building on the adjacent road bridge. At Spital this obviously used to be an additional station entrance. There's an old door and what used to be railings on the exterior:

Spital footbridge door exterior Spital footbridge door

And on the inside of the footbridge the door is signed "Main Station entrance closed, please use this way out", but this is probably redundant now that the station is manned all the time it is open:

Spital footbridge door internal

The footbridge from platform level, with the station building hiding in the trees on the left, and again a second span on the left over what used to be more tracks:

Spital footbridge

Looking south on platform 2:

Spital looking south

Looking north on platform 2:

Spital platform 2 looking north

Platform 1:

Spital platform 1

A small garden, complete with small windmill (but sadly no crazy golf) on platform 1:

Spital platform 1 garden