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Bromborough Rake

Collected date 03/07/13

Bromborough Rake sign

Bromborough Rake is the second of two stations in Bromborough, and was opened in the 1980s. The front of the station building at the end of "The Rake":

Bromborough Rake front

The station building is at the end of the road, blocking off the older (1870) bridge which was once a continuation of the road. Looking south at the bridge from platform level:

Bromborough Rake looking south

A second archway is all that remains of the third and fourth tracks the line once had here. Now that trackbed space is used for a ramp from the station building to platform level:

Bromborough Rake
bridge second arch

The view from the bbridge looking north atht he platforms:

Bromborough Rake looking
north from the footbridge

On the other side of the line, the ramp down to platform 2:

Bromborough Rake platform 2

The shelter on platform 2:

Bromborough Rake platform 2

Looking north at the platforms:

Bromborough Rake platforms
looking north

Looking south along the platforms from the northern end of platform 2:

Bromborough Rake platforms
looking south

Looking north along the line from tne end of platform 2:

Bromborough Rake looking north