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Collected date 02/04/05

Spalding station sign

Although once a junction with direct lines to Boston and March, Spalding is now the only station on the line from Peterborough to Sleaford.

The station building, seen from the road:

Spalding front

The rear of the station building and platform 1:

Spalding rear and platform 1

The canopy and roof of the station building on platform 1, seen from the footbridge:

Spalding roof

Looking south at the station from the northern end of platform 1:

Spalding looking south

Looking south from the southern end of platform 1, towards the level crossing:

Spalding looking south

The building on platform 2:

Spalding platform 2 building

Also on platform 2 is this wooden shelter. From the days when platform 2 was two-sided, the shelter too has two sides, this one sadly vandalised and graffitied:

Spalding platform 2 shelter

Looking north at the station complex from the Winsover Road level crossing to the south of the station:

Spalding from level crossing

Spalding used to have four platform faces, and a second footbridge spanned the tracks from the building on platform 2. When I visited, the remains of this footbridge were still visible:

Spalding old footbridge

The other end of the footbridge can just be seen from the housing estate to the west of the station:

Spalding footbridge ruins

Another footbridge spans the tracks to the north of the station, providing this shot:

Spalding from the north

This bridge is in need of repair and is narrowed by reinforcements on either side. "Single file over footbridge" says the official sign. "Collect token before entering section," adds a railway wag:

Spalding collect token message