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Rose Hill

Collected date 12/09/16

Rose Hill sign

Rose Hill is the second station in Marple, on the west side of town. It's on a branch of the Hope Valley Line, which used to continue down to Middlewood on what is now a cycle path. Now it's just a terminus with a couple of trains an hour.

The station has two entrances, one from Stockport Road on a bridge over the line to the north, and one via the car park to the west of the line. From Stockport Road, a ramp runs just behind this fence down to the platform:

Rose Hill garden

From the path one can see this old telegraph pole:

Rose Hill telegraph

The fence is adorned with murals a bit further down:

Rose Hill mural

The ramp leads down to the side of the station building, whose identity is in no doubt with the large number of totems:

Rose Hill side

The rear of the station building is very plain:

Rose Hill rear

To the south of the station building is some nice planting:

Rose Hill south side

From next to the station building looking south into the car park:

Rose Hill car park and gardens

The road entrance to the car park is from railway road just off to the left here:

Rose Hill car park

Going back to the station building we enter and look south along the platform:

Rose Hill platform

Under the canopy of the station building:

Rose Hill under canopy

Further south, looking north:

Rose Hill platform looking north

Looking south towards the platform's end"

Rose Hill platform south end

Buffers at the southern end of the line:

Rose Hill buffers

At the other end of the platform, looking north at the road bridge over the line:

Rose Hill looking north

Up on the road bridge looking north along the line:

Rose Hill looking north from bridge