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Collected date 12/09/16

Middlewood sign

Middlewood station is appropriately enough in the middle of a wood, accessible only by tracks through the woods in the Poynton district of Cheshire. The station was originally two, Middlewood Lower, with the now closed Middlewood Higher station on the overbridge above. Now there is only Middlewood, with the Higher station's trackbed converted to a "linear park" connecting Marple and Macclesfield. The bridge over the extant line has the station's information boards:

Middlewood signs on bridge

On the old trackbed looking north towards the bridge:

Middlewood Higher looking north

Steps lead down from the higher level down to platform 2:

Middlewood platform 2 steps

On platform 2 looking up the steps:

Middlewood platform 2 exit

Looking round the fencing at the end of the platform 2 steps we can see some crumbling brick piers and a doorway:

Middlewood disused building

On platform 2 looking east along the platforms; the steps enter platform 2 just behind the shelter:

Middlewood platforms looking east

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 2:

Middlewood looking east

Looking west at the station from the same point:

Middlewood platforms looking west

Walking to the other end of platform 2 we can see how the old line crosses the current one:

Middlewood from west end

Looking west along the (freshly reballasted and buttressed) line:

Middlewood looking west

Back up to the bridge, we can get a better look west along the line:

Middlewood looking west from bridge

Looking east at the station from the bridge:

Middlewood looking east from the bridge

Looking at the bridge from the south side:

Middlewood higher looking south

There is a ramped entrance from the bridge to platform 1:

Middlewood platform 1 entrance

The entrance to platform 1:

Middlewood platform 1 entrance

Looking east along platform 1:

Middlewood platform 1 looking east

On platform 1 there is a big gap next to the shelter:

Middlewood platform 1 shelter

What is Middlewood station for?

Middlewood for the Middlewood Way

Up on the old trackbed there's a bit of information about the Middlewood Way:

Middlewood Way sign