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Reddish North

Collected date 10/09/16

Reddish North sign

And we're off, starting another station collecting holiday in Manchester, with Reddish North. Easier than Reddish South just down the road as it actually has more than one train a week!

A small road leads down from Gorton Road to the station and its car park:

Reddish North approach

The front of the station building, which is still in use although the ticket office had already closed by the time we visited on a Saturday afternoon:

Reddish North station building front

A timber merchant occupies a yard next to the station, which includes this railway building:

Reddish North hut

Steps lead up from the car park to Criterion St:

Reddish North steps

The entrance to the station from the car park when the station building is closed:

Reddish North entrance gate

The gate leads on to platform 1, where we look east:

Reddish North platform 1 looking east

The rear of the station building, which has a stubby wooden canopy and a fading mural about railway safety:

Reddish North rear

Walking along to the other end of platform 1, we look west along the line as it goes first under something (an elevated pipe?) and then under Gorton Road:

Reddish North looking west

Looking back east at the footbridge from the end of platform 1:

Reddish North looking east along platforms

The footbridge joins the two sides of the station. Looking east from the footbridge:

Reddish North looking east from footbridge

Looking west from the footbridge:

Reddish North looking west from the footbridge

Down on platform 2 looking east:

Reddish North platform 2 looking east

The shelter sits in an area which perhaps once housed a larger structure:

Reddish North platform 2 shelter

Looking east from the end of the accessible part of platform 2 we see a stretch of disused platform:

Reddish North looking east

Looking west along both platforms:

Reddish North looking west along platforms