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Collected date 06/07/13

Parbold sign

Parbold station was a short cycle ride from Hoscar just down the line, and is right at the centre of Parbold village. However, for pedestrians the level crossing is no bar as a subway crosses the line next to the road. Looking south along the road at the level crossing. The station platforms are to the right of the barriers:

Parbold level crossing

Looking down the subway ramp, with a ramp up to the eastbound platform 1:

Parbold subway

The ramp leads up to platform 1:

Parbold platform 1 entrance

On platform 1 looking east towards the level crossing:

Parbold platform 1

Steps lead down from the platform to the subway:

Parbold platform 1 subway

The station building on platform 1, which sits between the ramped and stepped entrances to the platform:

Parbold building

At the western end of platform 1, looking east towards the level crossing:

Parbold platforms looking east

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Parbold looking west

Back at the level crossing, we look at the signalbox, just east of the level crossing:

Parbold signalbox

Looking east along the line from the level crossing:

Parbold looking east

On the south side of the line, looking down into the subway:

Parbold platform 2 subway

Platform 2:

Parbold platform 2

Further down platform 2 there is a gap in the fencing which looks like the absence of a building:

Parbold platform 2 gap