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Collected date 06/07/13

Hoscar sign

Hoscar is a small rural station in Lancashire, serving nearby Lathom. It's got two platforms staggered either side of a level crossing. The entrance to the eastbound platform 1 from the road:

Hoscar platform 1 entrance

On platform 1 looking west at the shelter and level crossing:

Hoscar platform 1

Further down the platform it is a bit overgrown. Looking west:

Hoscar platform 1 looking west

Beyond the end of platform 1 is a pedestrian level crossing:

Hoscar looking east

Next to the road opposite the entrance to platform 2 is the old station house. The front:

Hoscar building

The north side of the building:

Hoscar building north side

The south side of the building:

Hoscar building south side

From the level crossing, a long view of platform 2:

Hoscar platform 2

Opposite the building, the entrance to platform 2:

Hoscar platform 2 entrance

On platform 2 looking east towards the level crossing:

Hoscar platform 2 looking east

The shelter on platform 2:

Hoscar platform 2 shelter

Looking west along the line:

Hoscar platform 2 looking west