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Collected date 17/05/10

Pannal sign

Pannal station lies just outside West Yorkshire, and is a couple of stops short of Harrogate. We arrived first after a cycle ride from Micklefield but would later return again for dinner at the pub which has now taken over the station building.

The approach to the westbound platform 1 from the road which crosses the line to the east of the station:

Pannal approach

Platform 1 is well-supplied with shrubbery:

Pannal platform 1 seen from platform

The shelter on platform 1:

Pannal platform 1 shelter

The road (Station Road, appropriately enough) bridge provides access between the two platforms. The entrance to platform 2 is on the right:

Pannal bridge

Looking eastwards along the line:

Pannal from bridge looking east

The view westwards of the station from the bridge:

Pannal from bridge looking west

Steps lead down from the bridge to platform 2:

Pannal platform 2 exit

Platform 2 and the station building seen from the bridge:

Pannal building

Looking eastwards along platform 2:

Pannal platform 2

A gate leads out from platform 2 to the pub/railway car park:

Pannal building side

The rear of the pub building:

Pannal building rear

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 2:

Pannal looking west