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Collected date 17/05/10

Harrogate sign

Harrogate is in North Yorkshire, but an extension to our West Yorkshire travelcards allowed us to visit and collect it. We arrived via a short walk from Hornbeam Park just to the south.

The station frontage, to the west of the line, is in two parts. The new modern ticket concourse sits at the bottom of a tower block:

Harrogate front

The forecourt in the angle between this new building (on the right) and the old building (on the left) is a car park:

Harrogate forecourt

The old station frontage:

Harrogate old frontage

The pier just to the left of the old station frontage in the previous photo supports an extension of the station footbridge, crossing the road to the shopping centre on the left:

Harrogate shopping bridge

Inside the station concourse with platform 1 ahead:

Harrogate Concourse

The exit from the new concourse onto platform 1:

Harrogate platform 1 exit

Looking north along platform 1:

Harrogate platform 1 looking north

Platform 1 continues behind the old station building:

Harrogate platform 1 building
rear seen from platform 3

The platform 1 end of the footbridge:

Harrogate platform 1 footbridge

Looking south along platform 1:

Harrogate platform 1 looking south

Adjacent to platform 1 at the northern end is a disused platform:

Harrogate disused platform

The view north along the line from platform 1:

Harrogate looking north

Flowers at the southern end of platform 1:

Harrogate southern end

A long view of platform 1 from platform 3 opposite:

Harrogate platform 1

A modern footbridge spans the line, as well as connecting to the shopping centre over the road to its car park on the other side of the railway:

Harrogate footbridge

Looking north along the line from the foootbridge:

Harrogate from bridge looking

Looking south along the line from the footbridge:

Harrogate from bridge looking

From the footbridge, the slightly featureless rear of the station building:

Harrogate building rear

Platform 3 seen from platform 1:

Harrogate platform 3 from platform

Looking south along platform 3:

Harrogate platform 3 looking south

The exit on platform 3:

Harrogate platform 3 exit