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Collected date 21/05/10

Outwood sign

Outwood is the sole station on the line between Wakefield Westgate and Leeds.

The two sides of Outwood station are joined by the Lingwell Gate Lane road bridge, which crosses the line at the southern end of the station. Looking down the steps that lead from the bridge to platform 1:

Outwood platform 1 approach

Down on platform 1, looking south towards the road bridge, with platform 2 on the right:

Outwood platforms 1 and 2 looking

Crossing the bridge, we take a look south along the line:

Outwood from bridge looking

The approach ramp to platform 2:

Outwood platform 2 approach ramp

The approach ramp emerges behind this shelter:

Outwood platform 2 shelter

Platform 2 seen from platform 1 opposite:

Outwood platform 2

Looking north along the line:

Outwood looking north

Looking south from the other end of the station:

Outwood looking south