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Orrell Park

Collected date 01/07/13

Orrell Park sign

Orrell Park station serves the Orrell Park suburb of Bootle and is on the Ormskirk branch of Merseyrail's Northern line. The station is crossed by the A566, from where we look south:

Orrell Park from bridge
looking south

The station front, on the west side of the line:

Orrell Park front

The rear of the station building:

Orrell Park rear

Another angle of the rear of the station building, showing Orrel (sic) Park Hall built opposite the station:

Orrell Park background

The footbridge and station entrance leads down to the Ormskirk-bound platform 2 by a well-planted ramp:

Orrell Park platform 2 exit

There is more planting at the northern end of platform 2:

Orrell Park planting

The footbridge which joins the two platforms:

Orrell Park footbridge

From the footbridge looking north at the road bridge:

Orrell Park from footbridge
looking north

Looking south from the footbridge:

Orrell Park from footbridge
looking south

On platform 1, looking north at the shelters:

Orrell Park platform 1 shelters

A mosaic on platform 1:

Orrell Park platform 1 mosaic

A small garden elsewhere on platform 1:

Bob's Garden, Orrell Park
Regeneration Group Station Adoption Volunteers

At the southern end of platform 1, looking north:

Orrell Park platforms looking

Looking south down the line:

Orrell Park looking south