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Collected date 01/08/10

I visited Preston in 2010 on the way to and from the wedding of two friends on the Fylde peninsula. Having now returned in 2014 from a more extensive tour of the area I've been prompted to dig up the photos!

The station runs approximately north-south with a road bridge crossing the line just to its north. A ramp leads down from the road bridge to the main station entrance:

Preston front

The central entrance building:

Preston entrance

Two trainshed spans adjoin the station building on either side. This is the eastern trainshed end as it adjoins the station frontage:

Preston east shed

Inside the station entrance, looking south down the ramp leading to platform level:

Preston ramp entrance

Looking back up to entrance level from the bottom of the ramp. Footbridges lead from the top of the ramp to other platforms:

Preston ramp exit

The ornamental railings on the side of the ramp:

Preston railings

Inside the station there is a central "spine" building running down the centre of platforms 3 and 4. On platform 3 to the west of that central spine, looking south:

Preston platform 3 looking south

On the other side of the spine, looking down from the eastern footbridge at platform 4:

Preston platform 4 from footbridge

Down on platform 4, looking south, with the central station building to our right:

Preston plstform 4

Looking round slightly from the same point, showing platform 5 on the left:

Preston platforms 4 and 5 looking

Climbing up the footbridge joining platforms 4 and 5 we look south:

Preston looking south from

And across the next span between platforms 6 and 7, looking north:

Preston from footbridge looking

On platform 7 looking north at the footbridge, with the station entrance road visible beyond:

Preston platforms 6 and 7 footbridge

From platform 7 looking south at platforms 5 and 6:

Preston platforms 5 and 6

The footbridge between platforms 6 and 7 also leads to a side entrance to the station:

Preston side entrance

A canopy provides shelter for folk waiting to be picked up:

Preston side canopy

The approach to the side entrance from the road to the station's north:

Preston side approach

Looking south down the side of the station building:

Preston side