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New Cross Gate

Collected date 26/04/15

New Cross Gate is one of two southern termini of the Underground East London Line which is now a station on the Overground. However, it's now a through route for the Overground service through to West Croydon and Crystal Palace, as well as for Brighton.

The station is accessed from a road bridge on New Cross Road, which crosses the line at right angles. The front of the station building:

New Cross Gate front

The western end of the building has some old carved signage:

New Cross Gate old signage

The station building was covered in scaffolding at the time I visited. Here's its eastern side:

New Cross Gate side

From the east side of the building we can look north at the station's modern footbridges:

New Cross Gate from east side

The western side of the building:

New Cross Gate from west side

Inside the modern bridged entrance, looking back at the front of the station:

New Cross Gate exit

Down to platform 5, looking south towards the station building:

New Cross Gate platform 5 looking

Looking north along platform 5:

New Cross Gate platform 5 looking

Platform 4 seen from platform 5:

New Cross Gate platform 4 seen
from platform 5

From the northern end of platform 5 looking east across at platforms 1-4:

New ross Gare platforms 1-4