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Collected date 14/05/05

Brighton is a surprisingly short journey from Cambridge, partly because there's no cross-London journey involved and you can just catch a train from King's Cross Thameslink. I visited on a grey day in May, and was greeted by the trainshed:

Brighton trainshed

I later walked up the road that climbs to the side of the station to get this shot of the trainshed from a higher angle:

Brighton trainshed, high

Looking along platform 7 inside the trainshed:

Brighton platform 7

Platforms 3 and 4, with 1 and 2 to the left:

Brighton platforms 3 and 4

This LBSCR clock hangs from the roof:

Brighton LSBCR clock

The concourse, looking away from the platforms:

Brighton concourse

The front of the station has a glass canopy:

Brighton canopy

The distinctive ironwork emblems at the top of this canopy:

Brighton canopy ironwork

Looking at the station front from the street:

Brighton front

The clock and canopy on the front of the station:

Brighton clock