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New Clee

Collected date 23/08/11

New Clee sign

A wet walk from the end of the line at Cleethorpes is New Clee station, near Grimsby's docks. The entrance to the station from the south:

New Clee entrance

The ramp leads up to the platform at its western end. Looking west from here along the line:

New Clee, looking west

On the platform, whose shelter was welcome in the rain:

New Clee platform

Not a well loved or well tended station this, as weeds grow from the cracks between the paving slabs:

New Clee weeds

Halfway along the platform are these mysterious hooters:

New Clee hooter

Looking westwards along the platform, with a disused second platform visible on the right:

New Clee platforms, looking west

Looking east at the disused remainder of the platform:

New Clee, looking east