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Collected date 23/08/11

Cleethorpes station lamp

Cleethorpes is one of those great British seaside resorts of the past that now look slightly past their best, and like Blackpool and Skegness has an enormous station which is now rather too grand for the railway's needs. I arrived from Grimsby Town just as the sky got greyer and the rain began to fall...

Arriving on platform 1, first looking north along the line and then looking south towards the end of the line:

Cleethorpes looking north Cleethorpes platform 1 looking

The station building canopy:

Cleethorpes platform 1 canopy

Further down the platform, looking north. The buildings aren't in passenger use but there's a shelter with an automatic door:

Cleethorpes platform 1 looking

These windows on platform 1 show that the station building is now partly a pub:

Cleethorpes pub rear

A longer view of the station buildings from the other side of the tracks:

Cleethorpes rear

The station building seen from the road:

Cleethorpes front

The central part of the building, presumably once the entrance, is now boarded up:

Cleethorpes arches

The front of the pub:

Cleethorpes pub

The road to the front of the pub leads into the station car park, just west of the railway lines:

Cleethorpes car park

The ridged canopy area covers what now functions as the main station concourse:

Cleethorpes canopy

Looking back along platforms 2 and 3 from the end of the line. The station signs advise of industrial action that would prevent me exploring the rest of the line to Barton-on-Humber that week:

Cleethorpes platforms 2 and 3

And after that the rest is disused platform edges, cracked and littered with weeds, although at least the track is still there:

Cleethorpes platforms looking
west Cleethorpes disused platforms

A railway building between the station and the sea provides "track snacks":

Cleethorpes end building

Moving round to the side of the station se see this iron-worked building:

Cleethorpes corner

And the clock tower looming above the entrance to the station from the small road to its south:

Cleethorpes clock tower