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Collected date 14/09/15

Nethertown sign

Nethertown station, like Braystones is bleakly huddled between the cliff and the Irish sea, and offers little in the way of comforts. It's a short distance away from the village itself, which is up the hill. Looking back down the hill towards the sea on what is effectively the station approach:

Nethertown approach

Looking down the road towards the station:

Nethertown in the distance

A small gate leads you into the station:

Nethertown entrance

The station entry is onto a disused platform:

Nethertown disused platform

Looking south along the line from the end of the disused platform:

Nethertown looking south

On the disused platform looking north at both platforms:

Nethertown platforms looking

A small barrow crossing lets you on to the operational platform:

Nethertown crossing

Looking south down the platform:

Nethertown platform looking south

A view of the platform from the disused platform opposite. The steps are because the platforms on this line are very low compared to the trains. Drivers are adept at lining the doors up with the steps!

Nethertown platform

Looking north along the line:

Nethertown looking north

Back near the station entrance a track leads down:

Nethertown underpass

...and round:

Nethertown underpass

...leading under the railway to provide access to the shore:

Nethertown tunnel