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Collected date 12/09/14

Braystones sign

Braystones is a tiny halt on a single-track section of the Cumbrian Coast Line, and was the last stop of our day's travelling as the light gradually faded. The conductor of the last train north wanted to be sure we knew how tiny and remote the place was she was dropping us! Fortunately there was the last train south half an hour later.

On the station's single platform, looking south:

Braystones platform

A level crossing crosses the track at the southern end of the station, allowing access to the beach:

Braystones level crossing

The rear of the station building seen from the other side of the level crossing. On the left a road leads down to the beach:

Braystones rear

At the northern end of the platform at Braystones, looking south:

Braystones platform looking south

The shelter at Braystones faces away from the line and perhaps crucially away from the sea!

Braystones shelter

Looking north along the line:

Braystones looking north