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Collected date 05/07/13

Neston sign

Neston was the day's last station, so we sat in the heat chomping on sweeties from Aldi while waiting for the little diesel train to take us back to Bidston. The station sits on a slight embankment, with brick steps and ramps leading up to platform level and a subway connecting the two sides of the line. This is the front of the station on the platform 2 side, to the east of the line:

Neston platform 2 front

A long zigzag ramp leads up to platform 2:

Neston ramp

Platform 2, seen from platform 1 opposite:

Neston platform 2

A subway under the line links the two sides of the station:

Neston subway

Inside the subway:

Neston in subway

The entrance to platform 1, with the subway on the right and the steps on the left:

Neston platform 1 steps

This plaque sits next to the steps up to platform 1:

Neston plaque

On platform 1 looking north:

Neston platforms looking north

Looking north along the line:

Neston looking north

Looking south along the line:

Neston looking south